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Posted on April 16, 2016 by David Fairley | 1 comment

Winter is so long and grey, reflective and at times lifeless, meaning the arrival of Spring in the garden brings so much joy, and a transformation in the garden. I want to focus on talking about flowering shrubs for Spring, as the Lonicera fragrantissima, Chimonanthus, Hamamelis, Sarcococca, Viburnum tinus to name a few finish their Winter displays, the warmth of Spring encourages out a greater number of shrubs to bring blooms of flowers. While pruning your brightly coloured Cornus' stems down to the ground (such as Cornus alba) you cant help noticing that there is suddenly rushes of yellow flowers from Forsythia, light pinks, deep reds, and even white from Ribes sanguineum' (The Flowering Current).




I mean come on, wow, nature is now showing off, reminding you of the glory of gardening after the darkness of Winter, reminding me of the treats and virtues that come with Horticulture. Evergreen Daphnes' and other Winter flowering shrubs tried to brighten up the mood of Winter, but that was a short lived joy compared to Spring's beginning. Now it is here, the first real warmth since November lifts the soul, and behind the Forsythia is the Camelia japonicas, with its mighty flowers making every gardener smile, the flowers come in pink, red or white, almost any colour, all excitement begins, and the endless wave of Spring and Summer shrubs blooming begin like an eruption from a dormant volcano.




Its easy to become lost in a garden in Spring, the smells, warmth and the new blooms coming from every angle means your head can forget the hard work that must begin again. As soon as the hard work of the Winter has finished, the Spring pruning begins and the beds are full of the blanketing of annual weeds. Bees, bees of all sizes just appear from knowhere, feeding and diving dramatically into the flowers. Birds, they also seem to be in every bush making the unmistakable sounds of making new life, it is now thankfully Spring.

The next shrub that is difficult to ignore in Spring is Exochorda, its branches seem to be covered in snow, but of course they are flowers, Exochorda is one of my most favourite of the decidious shrubs, white arching stems that blow all the Winter gloom away for another year. Cystus (Broom), suddenly coming a live like fireworks exploding out of the wood of this plant, adds a valued contribution. Viburnums, such as carlesii and burkwoodii continuing the landscape of Spring beauty in all directions complimenting the lush smells of cut grass. A world without colour would be tragic, a garden without flowering shrubs would not be a garden worth having.




But maybe the biggest joy of Spring is not simply the joy of seeing and smelling the flowers of Spring shrubs, and I havn't even mentioned Roses, but the excitment also that, hand in hand with enjoying the moment that Spring brings, is the incoming of the Summer. The end of Spring and the start of Summer brings more of the greatest shrubs and blooms that nature has to offer, Buddlejas, Ceanothus', Deutzias, Hydrangeas, Lavenders, Kolwitzia, Penstemons, Philadelphus', Sambucus', Spireas and so many more.

At David Fairley Gardens we are passionate about plants and particularly shrubs, please do add more shrubs to your garden, call us or email for advice before buying, we are very happy to help.

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  • Sarah Boddy

    This is a great Blog David, as an existing customer, I love it and am really pleased with all you and the ladss do. Keep up the great work X


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