Treating black spot and powdery mildew with Sulphur Rose

Posted on July 26, 2015 by David Fairley | 0 comments
Greenacres' new product, Sulphur Rose for combating fungus in the form of black spot and powdery mildew is our suggested remedy for keeping it away from your plants. In particular your roses should be sprayed with Sulphur Rose on the new growth of young leaves in Spring to keep away the fungus before it sets in. Then re spray the plants that suffer from black spot after dead heading the first roses, and then re spray plants that show signs of powdery mildew. The blooms of roses are so dependant on strong leaf growth, that as keen gardeners will agree can ruin the blooms of roses and other plants. The loss of the plants leaf canopy also leaves an unattractive and disappointing plant speciman too. Lastly we use Sulhpur on our plants as it is much better for the environment than using the other chemicals in the market place for getting rid of black spot and other fungus'. It is proven to not damage the bee and insect population after spraying.
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