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Thinking about a delivery cost

Posted on July 27, 2015 by David Fairley | 0 comments

Delivery charges at first seem very off-putting, but I want to explain to you why our delivery charge actually gives you great value for money! Now don't laugh, with modern websites such as Amazon offering low or free delivery charges, we do now like expect to that this should be a standard part of our lives.

We offer a delivery and packaging charge of £8.99, now this is the same for buying one plant from us or up to twelve plants. This is the result of being given a standardized size of cardboard box that we can send and fit as many plants in, safely, to you! This size is determined by our courier company.

So we try and persuade our customers to buy several plants, up to twelve two litre pot sized plants to access the best possible value from our delivery service. The additional benefits of plants being delivered to you, begins if you do not have a car, then if you do have a car your first part of the day is spent making a stop at the petrol station. Where we would suggest, that the cost of the fuel for driving to your nearest garden centre is similar or more than our cost for our delivery service.

If you have a fun, busy, or just a packed out life with family and friends then making enough time to go to the garden centre is just not very realistic! Even if you have a spare afternoon do you want to take two or three hours out of your weekend to pick up plants? So for arguments sake, you have headed down to your garden centre, and picked out some plants. You probably will have noticed half the county or city have joined you, as it's Saturday, we suggest this not the most relaxing experience and certainly not a relaxing atmosphere to choose from the hundreds of varieties of plants on offer.

After rugby tackling a few random strangers to get to the odd interesting species of plant on offer, your nerves now are at the end of what they can handle! Frankly you have probably ran out of the garden centre back to the car screaming, after deciding your far to fed up to pick between the different plants. Or you have grabbed whatever plants you think will suffice at the time just to get out of there, dreaming of more calm surroundings and trying to avoid the headache that is building after trying to work out the best choice of shrub to fit in next to the Buddleja that has been in the corner of the garden for years.

Now we must get to the practical side of buying plants. After purchasing your new horticultural dreams, your now carrying them back to your car. Trying dramatically not to snap stems, drop pots and finnaly then the realisation that your lovely clean car is going to get a good coating of compost in the boot. At this point we wonder, or suggest and have come to the conclusion ourselves, that the thought of having someone else get the plants to your house would be a lovely thing to happen. 

So we know we can and will not win everyone over on this, but while your neighbour spends the whole of their Saturday afternoon going through this process you could be drinking Gin & Tonic and entertaining over the BBQ while your plants are delivered to your front door!

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