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Buying Box is rewarding, but safe guard against the risks.

Posted on February 17, 2017 by David Fairley | 0 comments


Common Box or Buxus is a slow growing, compact evergreen shrub, it of course can be sheared in to almost any shape. Buxus sempervirens makes for a great miniature hedge and into topiary for every shape you ever dreamed of.



The leaves are small and glossy. Box should be sheared in the weeks after the Chelsea Flower Show, London. If you can we suggest that you do not shear your Box plants in full sunlight as the leaves are very prone to leaf scorch.



 We also suggest that you should avoid shearing your Box while it is raining or if it is damp, fungus finds it easier to spread in these conditions and Box is at risk to Blight. When beginning and finishing shearing it is also wise to spray the blades with disinfectant to kill off any possible fungus, avoiding the spread of Box Blight. 



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