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Pruning shrubs and trees

Posted on August 18, 2015 by David Fairley | 0 comments

There is very poor literature available on pruning and training trees and shrubs, particularly on the web. There is great drawings and advice on all pruning groups for shrubs and trees by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). But the RHS like to be very vague publishing them, as the mastering of these groups leads to buying there endless books on the subject almost pointless, apart from indulging in lovely photos and illustrations!

If you type in to google for any shrub of your choice, including its species name! Google will come up with that shrub on their own RHS website page.... Their pages give excellent general advice but it will give the advised RHS pruning group on it, if you have the RHS Pruning Group illustrations / guide of the group you need, this will show you exactly best how and when and why to prune the plant you need to know about...

Our gardening business is based in the mastering of the 13 pruning groups for shrubs and trees. (As well as lots of weeding etc.) There is then more groups for Roses. Advice for training of certain climbing plants is essential on top of the fundamental Pruning Group knowledge.

For us sharing our knowledge of looking after trees and shrubs from maintaining large gardens is important when talking to our customers buying plants from us. Keeping your shrubs to a compact size for the space you have chosen is very important, an even shape also is a virtue to the bed. Pruning shrubs properly using the brilliant advice of the Royal Horticultural Society's groups means that the tree or shrub's form looks as vibrant as possible, as well as flowering as best it possibly can.

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