Watering recently planted conifers, evergreen shrubs and trees

Posted on October 16, 2015 by David Fairley | 0 comments

We guarantee our mature shrubs and trees for one year, the trees should have taken by then and should have no reason to die, except for possible fungus. This guarantee must be based on the written acknowledgement and understanding from our customer that the ground these trees are planted in must be kept moist all through this 12 month period by yourself. A heavy watering is a must after planting and they should of course not need a lot of watering through the Winter and even Spring but they will need plenty of watering in Summer. The evergreen canopy of Thuja plicata and other conifer trees does rather act like a roof on a house, so hoses are needed at the root ball of of your newly planted mature plant once a week for 20-30 mins if the weather becomes hot and dry. This advice can also be relevant to most evergreen trees or shrubs.


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