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Improving your Herbaceous borders

Posted on November 09, 2016 by David Fairley | 0 comments

The biggest and most valuable job for improving the garden in the Autumn is dividing herbaceous plants to improve the choice, placement and size of the blocks of these plants in the borders. These herbaceous plants spread side ways getting bigger, which is great as they fill the borders. But if a block of a particular plant grows into the lawn/hedge/next block of plants in the border we need to reduce the size of the block. The size of the blocks of plants need to be proportionate to the next block of herbaceous plants (and shrubs next to them too), this means each  genus or species of plant has a similar visual impact to the next. So some of the blocks of plants are to small (partly as some plants spread / grow slower than others) so we lift them out and divide them into smaller chunks creating

more plants, they are then replanted (with rich compost) to increase the size of the block. This process often gives us excess plants, here we can then create another block of the same plant in the garden where needed, only if it is a good plant to repeat. If the is already enough of one species or genus of plant we will swap plants with other customer's gardens where we are carrying out this same process. 

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