Mature Hedge Plants, the best value are Root Ball plants.

Posted on February 28, 2017 by David Fairley | 0 comments

By far the best value plants for your new hedge to purchase are what are known as Root Ball plants. This is compared to potted plants and also bare root plants. There is a large difference in the product and price of also. Simply potted plants are more expensive as they are grown in a pot in nurseries and because of the pot itself have restricted growth. Root Ball or Bare Root plants are grown in fields so grow more quickly and larger than the same age plants grown in pots. Put in another way, a two meter tall laurel grown in a pot will be not nearly as large and thick growth compared to a Bare and Root Ball laurel. Large potted plants also can have a badly congested root system hat can struggle to grow outwards to establish a sturdy mature plant.

Our advice towards mature Bare Root plants is that there is risk in the new plants taking or establishing quickly. For small specimens below one meter tall but they are perfect and brilliant value. They can be purchased all year around.

The draw back to Root Ball plants is that they have to be lifted out of the fields between October and March. This is the dormant season and safe to transplant mature plants. Once they are dug out of the field, some root is lost and the main root system is put in degradable bag with the soil still around the root system of the plant in a ball shape, this the Root Ball name.

Once the plants have been delivered to you they will need be planted very firmly back in the ground so they stay stable. If they are above two meters tall we recommend that they are secured to wooden steaks, to avoid root rock. In the process the root loss when cutting the plant out of the field means it is essential that you feed them with a lot of fertiliser. We suggest dried chicken manure, which is very nutritious for plants, easy to just apply to the surface and very cheap too! The ground must be watered shortly after planting and kept moist all through the Spring and Summer. An irrigation system using Soaker Hose is cheap to install and very efficient to keep your mature plants watered. Root Ball plants are more susceptible to drying out than potted plants.

We hope this has been useful, we have planted a great amount of bare Root plants over the years. Happy to supply them to you and consult on good planting practices, or will quote to plant your hedge if required.

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