it’s tree love..

Here at David Fairley Gardens tree nursery, we are passionate about trees. We actually should enjoy and love trees, and what they give us. The oldest, biggest and most important of all the plants. Some Oak trees in Britain are over 1000 years old. We have decided to begin a campaign to raise awareness, interest, educate and open people’s eyes and hearts of people about the importance of trees and to take away ignorance of them and to shoe how they shine a light on how the importance of photosynthesis is for us all.

Large growing trees are the oxygen-giving turbines that sustain life, they do this by taking carbon-dioxide out of the air we breath and converting and replacing it with oxygen. In the Amazon rain forest we all know in Britain that here is some of the most significant deforestation. This must stop if we have any chance to save our planet. We must plant more trees, in Europe and here in Britain we must admit that our ancestors commented a truly great past crime of felling our very own rain-forest that covered Europe and in the British isles, at least in size and scale compared to now what is farm-land.

We know at this company that clean energy source is essential to stop using fossil fuels, and the phasing out of fossil fuels is hugely important. However to be realistic only money will fund this transition, and as an example the ash rich energy companies. That hitherto energy from oil and gas companies have begun a transition period to stop production.

Like Esso, BP, Shell etc they have had no option but to create business plans to replace-directly energy production that leads to huge carbon distribution. This is is promising. We also need to stop using fossil fuels in our cars and houses, but only if all of us make the effort to make this transition happen. In the short to medium term we must all get outside and plant trees. The atmosphere and the air we breath, has to access more oxygen or we will all pay the price. A lovely bye-product to doing this is that gardening of all kinds is peaceful and healthy for the mind to keep happy and sharp.

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