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David Fairley Gardens

Buying wonderful plants 

 Our website is designed to make viewing, understanding and ordering wonderful plants an easy and enjoyable experience. Our nursery is based just outside Market Harborough in Leicestershire, selling hedge plants, shrubs and herbaceous plants. We specialise in mature and large plants, and our experience planting very large plants such as five meter tall conifer trees means we also will be able to give you the right advice for when you are planting. Call us or our website will help you to choose plants based on their size, colour and shape. These fundamental principles of good garden design and based on the form of a plant is explained on our Design page, please do use this when choosing plants. The combination of plants you use is essential to interesting and sustainable design. 


Design & Planting Service

Our team of horticultural experts are available to discuss with you your choice of plants, we have over ten years experience of designing and planting gardens. If you are looking for a design to be  created and be planted professionally then please call us we will consult with you and provide ideas and drawings to fit in with the size and styles to    suit your garden, and we will be very happy to visit you and your garden to discuss this.



Gardening knowledge

The David Fairley Gardens team are very passionate about horticulture and the business began and still thrives on maintaining gardens across the Market Harborough area. Our advice is based on the understanding of how plants   grow as well as takin into account  personal preference. There are thirteen pruning groups provided by the Royal Horticultural Society for shrubs and trees, Each pruning group encourages the best growth depending on the way it grows and responds, also making sure each specimen plant is restricted to its own area and not interrupting other plant's display. Please contact us if you are looking for a gardening team.





Pruning tips
We are here to help, our customers  are often put off when choosing certain plants. Usuallally fearful of how to  prune plants when they become mature and are growing vigourously. A good example is the rambling Rose, it  does need a big space to be trained on. However, when it is trained and pruned thoroughly in the winter they are then kept compact for next years growth, as well as the plant flowering
well. The new growth is garanteed to be lush and growing more vibrantly. 


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