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Before you buy trees..

Our team of horticultural experts is available to consult with you on your choice of plants, Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. This is a free service to you when buying plants with us. There is plenty to consider when buying large or semi-mature plants to ensure plants do establish. The are several conditioning that can lead to plants not establishing or even failing in their first two years.



Poor drainage is a problem, and if an area in your garden has no ability to drain water away when the is significant rainfall your new plants will find it very difficult to establish. The will be a strong chance they will fail. You of course do not want this, and we are passionate to give our wonderful customers the information to avoid this. 

Letter written to one of our customers - November 2021.

Dear Customer

The quote I have sent you, quote 4680, is our solution for helping solve the drainage problem in your garden and I think it should be enough to counter act the lack of drainage in your garden. However before you worry about this cost or another companies cost to solve this problem, I think a bigger picture is best to look at. 

Can I please run through some advice with you. As I feel the building development company has left a very great deal of work to do to make the drainage in your garden sound and to have a useable lawn or flower beds for plants to grow. You do not have an acceptable level of drainage for yourself or your neighbours gardens, that in our experience most new build gardens do have.


  1. You must get consultation form drainage companies to compare our solution and cost. To help you understand the cost involved but more importantly the scale of work to make this acceptable. We are not drainage experts and I would suggest strongly that a drainage expert gives you a solution, that you feel totally confident in to solve this problem ultimately, and the investment will not be waisted. Understanding the scale of what needs to be done is important to realise how unfair it is the building development company have left the drainage for these gardens in, for yourself and neighbours.
  2. The level of drainage in your garden is very poor, giving no drainage from the middle of the garden to the pleached trees at the back. The solution for this is expensive, if you go about replacing a large amount of clay in the garden with topsoil to increase the area that can soak up water. Or a drainage company may suggest to incorporate perforated pipes under the ground to take water to a drain.
  3. Either way it is not acceptable for the building development company to leave you, your neighbour (who has also had trees die) and most likely all the neighbours’ gardens on your row with such an expensive and disruptive piece of work to solve the problem they have caused. The large cost to make this right for yourself, your neighbour (who has already had trees die in his garden) and most likely all the gardens on the same row as you, should not be paid by you or your neighbours.
  4. Professional drainage companies should agree with me here, their assessment of the drainage in your garden, with (the attached) photos of your garden when I visited the garden was water logged after heavy rain. Drainage companies assessment with my assessment towards the drainage should give plenty of weight to complaining to the building development company. A solicitor may be best to send the final letter to them, to maintain the best and strongest language possible, to make this case. Your neighbour can also submit a statement with you, with what has happened in his garden, and his trees quickly dying.
  5. You can also say that you have already undertake measures to avoid more trees from dying once you realised the water logging was killing the trees. And even though it was too late to save one of the Magnolia tree and the two Camellia trees, you have contracted us to dig the remaining pleached trees up (in the worst area that water logs), potted them up back into pots to keep them safely until the drainage is rectified. It has not been obvious that the drainage has been so bad, as it’s not always raining regularly but once you noticed the water logging after heavy rain, you have realised the lack of drainage was killing the trees. The failed trees should be paid for by the building development company, as well as rectifying the drainage. 


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