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Maintenance starts in the early spring, the build up to the summer is important as particular shrubs, hedges and trees need cutting back and tidying to be ready to have a good shape for the new growth. Once spring is established and summer is around the corner the garden will come alive and start to delight its owners, the more plants that are in a garden the more wonderful it will look for yourself. However with a well filled garden and summer in full flow the work needed to manage a garden becomes considerable. Many of our clients are simply unable to find this time in the busy work and family schedule.

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance also includes regular weeding of all paths, gravel, wood chip and the flower borders in the garden. Weeds are very dominant and spraying your patio with weed killer is the most affective way of keeping your paving weed free.

Grass and its edges will need cutting a minimum of once every two weeks, if grass gets a lot of sunshine and rain once a week will be the requirement. We cut hedges, small trees, and your shrubs must be cut back at very particular times of the season to ensure that they will indeed flower the following year. Every flowering plant will flower at a different point in the year and it is important that the management of these plants is completed.

Removal of Waste and Composting

We take away all waste if required, unless you have a compost pot of your own. If you don't we would suggest that we make one for you, as the production of compost will be very useful to keep refreshing the nutrients in your flower beds that are essential to strong new growth.

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