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Pallet shipments

Our customers who need to be buying plants in bulk for garden design projects, new developments, golf courses and all new planting schemes require our 48hrs pallet delivery service all across the UK using Pallet Line. Shipping out to you your Herbaceous, Shrubs, hedges and Trees on a large scale. We can fit a great deal into each crate meaning it becomes a very economical way of buying ad receiving large amounts of plants or large and semi mature plants quickly and easily for you.

You will need to get a quotation on the phone or by email from us for your plants and pallet cost. Dependant on how many plants you require and where they are going makes a big difference. We add large discounts up to 40% for bulk orders and the pallet cost.

Please contact us on 01858414245 or email  info@davidfairleygardens.co.uk for your quotation now. 





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