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Arbutus unedo


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Title: 3 litre pot (50-60cm)

Arbutus unedo is a large handsome evergreen tree, but it grows like a shrub that will grow to 4 - 8 meters tall, although the time to its ultimate height is 20 - 30 years. We can provide multi stemmed plants or single stemmed plants so your plant can be a classic tree shape. It has a bushy habit, that is normally grown for its splendid fruit. It has noticeably rough brown bark and dark green leaves, typically leathery to the touch like most evergreens. The flowers are white and form into bell shapes, the flowers appear as the fruits which are similar to strawberries from the previous years flowers, actually ripen. The birds will love it! This makes it a fascinating and perfectly hardy tree, and if you have the space it very rewarding, even better it can survive even a very cold British Winter. It require lightly acidic soil, which is what most soil is already.

RHS pruning group: 1

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