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Arbutus unedo ~ 1/2 standard

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The Strawberry tree is an evergreen tree that is not native to Britain. But hits the spot immediately, with its strawberry like fruit are beautiful and like the summer fruit of choice for an English tennis tournament are edible. Not quite a tasty as a strawberry, but hey! Like all 1/2 standards they are great for large pots or for adding to a raised bed for privacy over a fence. They are prone to a very cold wind, so we do suggest a sheltered position.

- DFG rating: 9/10

- RHS pruning group: 8 or clipping.

- Flowers: White with red fruit.

- Leaves: Ovate and green. Evergreen.

- 100cm tall 1/2 Standard tree.

- 8-10cm girth clear stem of 100cm.

- Canopy: 50-60cm wide and tall.

- Soil PH: Acidic.

- Hardy to -5c. Position in a very sheltered spot.

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