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Buddleja globosa


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New 3 Litre pots stock UPDATE. Available to pre-order now, and we had hoped this would be early August 2020, the plants are not quite ready, they will be well rooted at the end of August 2020!

Buddleja globosa is one of most popular plants. We create a large stock for Spring, but the stock will sell out. The new stock will then be ready for sale in August.

globosa is very unusual, even next to the other Buddlejas. It is a medium sized . When globosa blooms in late Spring, it has dense globose heads up to two centimetres wide, masses of sweet scented flowers and are a striking bright orange colour. Bees and Butterflies love it.

The stems are vigorous when established and it is essential to restrict the size of the shrub, pruning around a third of the oldest, most congested and weakest stems from near the base of the plant every year. This means the plant must work hard to get bigger, from the ground rather than where it had finished growing the previous year. All shrubs in the Royal Horticultural Societies Group two benefit from this, but Buddleja globosa will particularly, just like the very big Philadelphus' (Mock Orange). If you don't you will not fit it in neatly to a smaller space or garden. It is a fantastic plant and well worth having.


DFG rating: 10/10

RHS pruning group: 2

Leaves: Evergreen. Dark green, long and ovate.

Flowers: Orange globes in Spring.

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic.

Hardiness: -15

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