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Camellia japonica 1/2 standard - 150cm


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A 1/2 standard option of Camellia japonica, the stem is only 100cm tall. A lovely bit of topiary for pots or the ground as an architectural feature,. Very effective planting two, to put either side of a door or path to another part of the garden. They do need a sheltered site, avoiding very cold Winter winds, particularly from the East.

- Small leathery oval green leaves with a golden. Blooms in late Winter and early Spring with large pink flowers.

- Pink flowers. Only colour option.

- 150-160cm tall 1/2 Standard tree.

- 8-12cm girth clear stem of 100cm.

- The canopy is 50-60cm wide and tall.

- Hardy to -10c or -15c in a very sheltered spot.

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