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Camellia japonica 'Nuccios Pearl'


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Title: 10 litre pot (50 - 60cm)

Camelia japonica 'Nuccios Pearl' has pale pink, white flowers, that are just wonderful when blooming at the end of Winter and into the start of Spring.

Camelias have  leathery evergreen leaves, that often has quite defined toothed edges to the leaves. It is an easy plant to look after and needs minimal pruning, however it does require an acidic soil. Most soils are lightly acidic but are closer to neutral for the acidic content to be high enough for Camelia to grow vigorously. So it is essential to prepare ther lower bed or your pot before planting and to fertilise the plant. You will need Ericaceous fertiliser, once established fertilise as soon as your Camellia is flowering and when ever the green in the leaves fades, particularly if the is yellowing.

Regarding the soil preparation, we suggest the hole for the planting is double the size of the Camellia's root ball, then add quality Ericaceous compost mixed with some soil to the hole. This means the new root will have soft material to grow into that also is nutritious for strong growth. 

RHS Pruning group: 8

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