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Camellia japonica 'Snowball' ~ 3/4 standard


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Title: 170cm stem ~ 8-10cm girth

A white flowering 3/4 standard option of Camellia japonica is very rare, the stem is about 140-160cm tall. A very formal architectural feature, that are nice in the ground or in pots. Our customers ofter buy two, to put either side of a door or path to another part of the garden. It does need a sheltered site, avoiding very cold Winter winds, particularly from the East.

- DFG rating: 10/10

- Small leathery oval green leaves with a golden. Blooms in late Winter and early Spring with large white flowers.

- Red flowers. Only colour option.

- 200-225cm tall Standard tree.

- 8-10cm girth clear stem of 170cm stem.

- The canopy is 60-70cm wide and tall.

- Hardy to -10c or -15c in a very sheltered spot.

- Soil must be Acid, it is fine to plant in lightly acidic soil, but you will need to plant the trees with plenty of ericaceous compost. And then keep feeding the trees three times a year, with ericaceous fertiliser in April, July and October.

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