Camellia sasanqua ‘Cleopatra’ ~ multi-stem ~ 300-350cm


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Artistic genius. These are amongst our the most premium ornamental trees. Mature and stunning multi-stem specimens that will make the most dramatic of features in any garden. We love these. Made up of four or five major stems, and meeting a large and very full bush on top of these plants. 

- DFG rating: 10/10

- 300-350cm tall.

- Mature specimens over 15 year old, grown in air pots.

- Slow growing, up to a 400-500cm spread in 10-20 years.

- Blooms in Autumn.

- Small leathery oval dark green leaves.

- Deep pink flowers.

- Hardy to -10c or -15 in a very sheltered spot.

- Soil must be Acid, it is fine to plant in lightly acidic soil, but you will need to plant the trees with plenty of ericaceous compost. And then keep feeding the trees three times a year, with ericaceous fertiliser in from April until October.

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