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Cercis siliquastrum


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Size: 3m tall (45 litre pot)

A small bushy deciduous tree that is spectular and really special, it is also known as the Judas Tree. The well known traitor to Jesus, Judas Iscariot hung himself off of one of these trees after he relaised the implications of his desicion. Cercis begin the year in Spring with striking pink pea like flowers, in clusters all over the tree. The leaves then come out after the flowers, that are broadly heart shaped with a light green colour to them. They have a fruit with a large and initially purplish pod. This is a wonderful tree that will tolerate English and Welsh Winters, but we would not advise planting them above the Midlands. They will grow to four or five meters tall with a broad and dense canopy.

RHS pruning group: 1

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