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Magnolia grandiflora 'Gallisoniensis' 7-8cm girth - standard tree


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Size: 260-280cm tall

The 7-8cm girth specimen is the first size specimen that offers a sturdy stem. It is also a great value tree, it is still quite a small specimen. But an all round chunkier tree than the 6-7cm girth tree.

Stem height: 170-180cm

Canopy: 70cm wide / 70-90cm tall

Pot size: 20 Litre

Buy Gallisoniensis Magnolia Grandiflora Trees with Planting in Leicestershire & throughout the UK

These Gallisoniensis Magnolia Grandiflora trees also known as Bull Bay are the ideal evergreen tree to screen your garden and house from neighbours or unwanted views. The stems have been grown as a perfect standard or to about 6 feet where the canopy begins. Meaning the canopy begins at fence height, we suggest you plant them in a line tightly against your fence to create a 'hedge in the air' effect. The virtue of doing this compared to planting a hedge is these Magnolia trees will save much wanted space in the garden itself, as there is no foliage from the ground up to where the canopy begins. The canopies of these trees can then be pruned, only once a year to be kept in a compact shape so they give you privacy but do not take up a whole area of the garden, including much wanted light, as most trees will do if they are left to grow in their natural state. Being evergreen Magnolias they will screen all through the year unlike pleached trees such as Lime or Beech.


DFG rating: 9/10

RHS pruning group: 1

Leaves: Evergreen, large, ovate, leathery, medium to dark green leaves. All evergreen trees lose leaves in May, as they don’t lose any in the Autumn / Winter they have to shed leaves at some point. 

Flowers: White. 

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic or lightly Alcaline.

Hardiness: -15 and prefers sheltered spot. grandiflora is risky to plant in the Uk north of Newcastle, where a very sheltered spot will be essential.

Bamboo cane support: Must be left on secured to the clear stem of the tree for at least its first two years. They are there to give the soft wood stem much needed support against high to storm winds. The stem on this size specimen will snap without the cane.

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