est. 2008 

Cornus mas ~ standard tree ~ 18-20cm girth


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Title: 450-500cm

mas is a slow growing tree, so to be able to purchase a specimen this big is pretty epic, a clear stem standard tree that will stand out in any garden. Also known as the Cornelian cherry tree, it is a deciduous tree with small clusters of tiny, bright yellow flowers in late winter, to be followed by glossy red cherry like fruit. If you know this is what tree you want, this is big and immediate, you don’t need telling what a unique buy this will be for you.


DFG rating: 10/10

Root: Container grown. 

Pot size: 300L

RHS pruning group: 1

Leaves: Deciduous, light green, soft and ovate.

Flowers: Yellow. Winter

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic.

Hardiness: -20

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