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Cupressocyparis leylandii ‘Goldrider‘ ~ spirals


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Fantastic option for topiary, this spiral shaped Golden Leylandii is a really beautiful conifer, it is vigorous growing conifer that is perfect for a hedge, large topiary or a specimen tree. Easy to grow, but if you let it turn into a specimen tree you will need plenty of space. The new growth on these are a brilliant yellow, it fades but the new growth lasts for quite some time to make a unique display.

DFG rating: 9/10

Shaping: Do not clip them in Winter, or in wet/damp conditions.

Leaves: Evergreen, coniferous, bright yellow fading to green.

Ultimate height: 10-15 meters.

Flowers: No

Soil PH: Lightly acidic

Hardiness: -20

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