est. 2008 

Cupressocyparis x Leylandii 450-500cm


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Size: 450-500cm ~ feathered ~ 130 litre pot

EXTRA HUGE special ~ 4 available ~ semi mature Leylandii specimens. In very large 130 litre pots. Cupressocyparis is part of the family of conifers. They do make very large trees indeed, excellent for screening very tall unwanted views. They do need plenty of space to grow in. If they can be pollards to an idealheight or into a superb hedge. They are vigorous and a good choice for an evergreen conifer hedge.

How many should you plant?  1 plant per meter.

How fast do they grow?  Cupressus x leylandii are the fastest growing Conifer tree, cut your hedge once a month through the summer, more regularly for topiary.

Hardiness?  Frost resistant hardy plants.

Soil type?  Lightly acidic, like most plants, when planting it is best to add some ericaceous purpose compost to help the hedge take.

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