Elaeagnus ebbingeii ~ pleached tree ~ 3/4 standard


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Frame: 120cmx120cm frame ~ 70% coverage ~ 55 Litre pot

Elaeagnus ebbingeii trained as a pleached tree is very interesting. A limited stock of 3/4 pleached tree with a 140cm stem. This pleached option for screening or as an architectural feature is well worth considering, but it does is best in a sheltered site.

Leathery oval green leaves than have silvery colouring on the leaves with a golden underside. 

- 55 Litre pots

- 3.5 meter tall Standard tree.

- Recommended spacing for planting is 150cm to 175 cm.

- 10-12cm girth clear stem 140cm stem.

- Frame is 120cm wide and 120cm high.

- Hardy to -15c.

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