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English Cherry Laurel


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Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' also known as Cherry Laurel is a vigorous, dense evergreen shrub with large, glossy, bright green leaves, which makes an ideal hedge. Modest white flowers in spring, use shears if you are using laurel for a hedge, but if you want to prune it into a speciman bush then follow the RHS's pruning group two. 

How many should you plant?  3 plants per meter, but if you you buy the 10 litre pot, or larger, plant just 2 per meter.

How fast do they grow?  English Cherry Laurel are fast growing, cut your hedge once a month through the summer, more regularly for topiary.

Hardiness?  Frost resistant hardy plants.

Soil type?  Lightly acidic, like most plants, when planting it is best to add some multi purpose compost to help the hedge take.

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