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Garrya eliptica


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The long hanging silvery catkins of Garrya elliptica, also known as the silk tassel bush are a striking sight in winter. With its evergreen leaves and graceful catkins, Garrya makes an excellent wall shrub or specimen plant in a border. Frost hardy, but can suffer light damage in very cold weather.


DFG rating: 9/10

Mature size (after pruning): Very large.

RHS pruning group: 8

Leaves: Evergreen, ovary, leathery and hard.

Flowers: Tiny, the Catkins are the feature and are a silvery grey and hang up to 10cm.

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic.

Hardiness: Hardy but best in a sheltered location as the leaves can have damaged stems in Winter, but prune damaged leaves and stems in the Spring.


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