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Ilex crenata 'Convexa’ ~ bushy ~ 30cm tall and 30cm wide

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Size: 20-30cm tall (3 litre pot)

crenata is the alternative to traditional Box Hedging, evergreen and very similar in appearance, and identical in the way the plant grows and forms. The small ovate leaves are small and dense forming a lovely, compact hedge or topiary plant. Even though the new growth is darker and less attractive, it is significantly less prone to disease, unfortunately Buxus can suffer from Box blight and if it sets in you may have to re plant your hedge. Ilex crenata is a hybrid variety and has a tidy and uniformed growth.

When planting we suggest "five plants per meter." Smaller sized plants will take time to fill in to a hedge of course. The larger sized plant, the more your hedge will have that immediate look of a established hedge.

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