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ilex 'Nellie R Stevens’ ~ standard tree


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An excellent evergreen option for screening unwanted views or neighbours property. Ilex or better known as common Holly is a much loved favourite, hardy and easy to grow. The standard tree is pruned in the nursery so the stem is perfectly straight until the canopy begins at around six foot tall. Ilex ‘Nellie R Steven are not vigorous trees, so once mature they will only require a firm prune once a year, even though they are slow growers they do have the capacity to grow tall, perfect for screening buildings. We sell specimen trees from three meters tall, up to over five meters tall. The leaves are leathery dark green and the red berries are wonderful in Winter.


DFG rating: 10/10

Clipping: Holly is easy to clip by hand or with hedge cutters.

Leaves: Evergreen, much smoother and less spiky than English Holly 
and ovate.

Flowers: Tiny, 
white and fragrant. Blooms in spring.

Berries: masses of berries that turn red for autumn, and will be there for most of Winter too.

Wildlife: The berries are great for the birds.

Soil Ph: Wants high Acidic. Ericaceous compost 

Hardiness: -10.

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We offer and recommend our mature tree planting service. Planting, supporting and irrigating the trees properly is essential to them establishing. We travel all over England. Please call us to discuss and we will be delighted to give you a quotation.

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