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Ligustrum jonandrum ~ Pleached 3/4 standard ~ 230cm


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Size: 120cm x 80cm frame ~ 12-14cm girth

A pleached Privet, Ligustrum jonandrum but on a 140cm tall, 3/4 standard. These evergreen specimens have a very thorough coverage, made up of its small pretty ovate leaves. Very good for planting in raised beds in front of standard height fences, or planted in front of a short walls or fences. Brilliant for a screening solution, making a great architectural feature. 

- DFG rating: 10/10

- 12-14cm girth

- Frame: 120cm wide and 80cm tall

- Total plant height: 230cm.

- 3/4 Standard tree.

- Clear stem of 150cm.

- 60 litre pot.

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