est. 2008 

Lonicera tatarica 'Hack's Red'


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Red flowers will captivate you when in bloom, a rare deciduous honeysuckle that is a medium to large sized shrub. Much more unusual compared to your more common Lonicera shrub, if pruned well it is an epic sight for your garden. A hardy plant that is upright and bushy. Its red flowers begin at the start of Spring, and it does have dark berry fruit like most honeysuckles.

This shrub is tough and hardy against frosts, liking a lightly acidic soil. If the pruning is done well with attention to detail then this Lonicera like others pruned in this group give the most back of all the shrubs. The new growth that comes after pruning from the base of the plant gives a vibrant and very attractive form. The stems form long uninterrupted growth from top to bottom, making lovely arching stems that bloom incredibly at the start of Summer.

RHS Pruning group: 2

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