est. 2008 

Magnolia grandiflora 400+cm cone


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A fully mature specimen that is huge, and will be an immediate impact. It will need to be delivered on a flat bed lorry, so the delivery cost will be on top of the plant cost listed. Also known as Bull Bay tree.

- DFG rating: 9/10

- 750 litre pot and it will have to be unloaed with a fork lift or a digger with a weight of 5 tonne or more.

- 400cm tall

- 200cm wide at the base

- Slow growing evergreen tree option for screening unwanted views, or for a wonderful architectural cone shaped tree.

- Can grow too 70 foot tall, but straight forward to prune and keep much shorter too.

- Dark green glossy leaves, with a golden brown underside.

- Large white flowers through out Summer.

- Soil needs to be lightly acidic and lightly acidic.

- Hardy to -10c.

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