Magnolia grandiflora ~ multi-stem ~ 300-325cm


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A big multi-stem production of Magnolia grandiflora ‘Gallisoniensis’. Semi mature specimen. We love this medium speed growing evergreen tree, it can get to 7-8 meters tall in the UK, but quite slowly. As a multi-stem specimen, it is unusual but adds great character for a specimen tree to plant in your garden.

- 300-325cm tall

- 250 litre pot. Very heavy. Has to be moved around by machine or a specialist tree caddy.

- DFG rating 10/10.

- Semi mature plant.

- Flowers are large and white.

- Blooms June to September.

- Large, leathery oval dark green leaves. With a golden brown underside to their leaves.

- Hardy to -10c. Best in a sheltered spot.

- Soil must be acidic to acidic. 

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