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Nandina domestica


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Nandina domestica also known as Sacred Bamboo is a very elegant medium sized evergreen shrub. Its upright form gives it an exellent form that does resemble bamboo, but with so many benefits compared to Bamboo. It is not invasive or uncontrollable like bamboo and the leaves of domestica are purplish when young and again in winter too, a lovely effect. Small white flowers in large panicles are followed by red berries that gtives it multiple stand out moments in the year, giving so much interest. it is hardy and enjoys quite acidity but it does grow very slowly. 


DFG rating: 10/10

RHS pruning group: 

Soil Ph: Acidic.

Leaves: Cut leaves, similar to Bamboo but much better. The leaves begin a wonderfuldeep red and then dark green.

Flowers: White. August and September. Which turn to red berries.

Hardiness: Very. But late frosts in April and May can damage the flower buds. 

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