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Olea europaea (Olive tree)


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Size: 180-200cm tall (100cm clear stem) 35 litre pot

The European Olive Tree, as a 1/2 standard tree. Olea europaea may be a Mediterranean tree, but they are hardy enough to grow in England and Wales when planted in sheltered areas. The classic blue green evergreen leaves & its natural growth habit, make it a desirable garden tree. Of course the Olives may be more tricky to grow well outside in the Uk, they will grow here but similar to the French and Spanish grapevines, their fruit will not ripen in time to eat. Try in your greenhouse, suitable to plant in the ground or in pots, if it is to be left outside over the Winter it must be in a sheltered area.


DFG rating: 9/10

Leaves: Evergreen, leathery blue green leaf.

Flowers: White, small and not why you have an olive tree.

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic.

Hardiness: Safe above -5c. to -10c. as long as it is not exposed to the cold wind or frost. Sheltered area required, if planted in a pot the ideal is to bring it in for Winter in to your greenhouse or conservatory. (not by central heating though!)

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