est. 2008 

Philadelphus coronarius ‘Variegatus’


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An unusual variegated Philadelphus with white flowers, prominent yellow stamen are surrounded with four or five white petals making a simple but lovely flower. Also known as Mock Orange, this species of Philadelphus is a small deciduous shrub that has masses of fragrant white flowers in early summer. The stems arch gracefully to make a wonderful display when flowering. Contrasts nicely next to green leafed shrubs or perennials.


DFG rating: 10/10

RHS pruning group: 2

Leaves: Deciduous and variegated, light green, soft and ovate.

Flowers: May & June. White and smell fabulous. 

Position: Full sun or partial shade.

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic.

Hardiness: -10c.

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