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Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' ~ 150cm x 150cm frame ~ pleached tree


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100% coverage. Very unusual, large square shaped frame, this sized frame is big and not many are produced. The growth has filled and bushed out on this older batch of trees. A much loved classic, Red Robin is a superb pleached evergreen tree option for screening unwanted views. It’s leaves and stems are bright red bright when new and mature into a green leaf.

- DFG rating: 10/10

- 3.5 meters tall Standard tree.

- Recommended spacing for planting is 150cm to 175cm.

- 10-12cm girth clear stem 200cm.

- Bamboo cane frame 150cm wide and 150cm high.

- Hardy to -15c


We offer and recommend our mature tree planting service. Planting, supporting and irrigating the trees properly is essential to them establishing. We travel all over England. Please call us to discuss and we will be delighted to give you a quotation.

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