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Planting kit for trees


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Your new semi mature and mature trees need supporting. High winds mean that newly planted tall trees will move around and rock the root if they are not supported, this will damage the new root that is trying to establish. If the root does move around the new root will be damaged and the tree will not grow. To avoid this you need two timber posts, one driven into the ground firmly each side of the tree, then use strong rubber tree tie to go around the stem of the tree, which then are secured to the timber posts with screws. A rubber hooped collar also but be added to each tree tie. Securing your trees also keeps your new trees nice and straight as they establish, important for the aesthetic value.

Included in each planting kit:

- 2 six foot tall timber posts, with a point on.

- 2 rubber tree ties.

- 2 hooped collars. 

- 4 screws.


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