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Prunus lusitanica 'Angustifolia'


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Prunus lusitanica is by far one of the best hedges if you want a dense evergreen screen. While Prunus lusitanica is mainly used as a hedging plant, it can also make superb topiary. It's main features are thin and quite long deep green leaves, which is added to by the plants striking red stem. Lusitanica is an unusual species of Cherry, and produces fragrant white flowers when pruned rather than when it is sheared.

How many should you plant?  3 plants per meter, but if you you buy the 10 litre pot, or larger, plant just 2 per meter.

How fast do they grow?  Prunus lusitanica are fast growing, cut your hedge twice a year, three cuts maximum required.

Hardiness?  Frost resistant hardy plants, even the coldest frosts will not be a problem.

Soil type?  Lightly acidic, like most plants, when planting it is best to add some multi purpose compost to help then take.

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