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Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel) ~ 3/4 standard tree ~ 18-20cm girth


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Size: 150cm stem trees ~ natural shape stems

If you are after a shorter stem than a standard tree, this 150cm stem is what you need, 3/4 standard established evergreen specimen these are great. Portuguese laurel makes very good large topiary plants. It is often used by our customers to screen unwanted view above a fence, but, the specimen has to be planted in raised beds, and not at ground level.

- DFG rating 8/10

- Total height 300-325cm

- 18-20cm stem girth

- 170-180cm stem height

- 80-100cm canopy

- 130 litre pot


We offer and recommend our mature tree planting service. Planting, supporting and irrigating the trees properly is essential to them establishing. We travel all over the UK, recently planting in Bristol and Southampton. Please call us to discuss and we will be delighted to give you a quotation.

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