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Quercus ilex (standard tree)


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We can only supply trees with a girth of  up to a 8cm girth trees.

Because there is a DEFRA imposed movement restriction of 9-10cm girth and larger specimens of Quercus (Oak) trees across England and an import import ban into the UK on all Oak trees. This is because of an invasive pest, the OPM caterpillars. We would normally source our Quercus ilex trees in Italy. We recommend ilex ‘Nellie R Steven’s ~ standard trees as a suitable substitute for The Holme Oak / Quercus ilex.

The evergreen Oak, or Holme Oak! Quercus ilex is a useful tree for screening purposes, as is trying to become a large tree, but is relatively slow growing. It can easily be feathered, and trained to grow into a pleached shaped tree. It is an evergreen tree with black, finely cracked bark that grows in to a very handsome rounded shape tree. Glossy dark green ovate leaves, that have a pale underside to the leaf, making an interesting contrast to look at. It forms yellow catkins too.


DFG rating for screening: 9/10

RHS pruning group: 1

Leaves: Evergreen, ovate, deep green with a pale underside..

Flowers: Tiny clusters of white flowers in Spring

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic.

Hardiness: Totally.


We offer and recommend our mature tree planting service. Planting, supporting and irrigating the standard trees properly is essential to them establishing. We travel all over the UK, recently planting in Kent, London, Bristol, Southampton and Leicester. Please call us to discuss your garden and we will be delighted to give you a quotation.

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