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Rhododendron ~ 250cm tall and 250cm wide


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Giant specimens that are perfect if you want an instant area in your garden. They are evergreen and have a very vibrant pink flower all over the shrub. These specimens are 250cm tall and 250cm wide too. They are in very large and are in 150 litre pots, so they are very heavy and difficult to handle. A specialist tree caddy or a machine is necessary to move them around. They need planting with Ericaceous compost, as they will not grow well without an acidic soil.

Pot size: 150 litre.

DFG rating: 10/10

RHS pruning group: 8

Leaves: Evergeen green and ovate.

Flowers: Deep pink in Spring.

Soil Ph: Acidic, needs ericaceous feed and compost.

Hardiness: -10c.

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