Stipa tenuissima


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Title: 2 litre pot

Pony Tail grass, as it is commonly known is a small deciduous, and hardy grass plant which forms tufts of upright thread like leaves. Stipa tenuissima adds a great structural element to any garden border, they are particularly lovely when the is a breeze, our photo including a gravel path shows we have planted a group of seven plants in this garden. They should be planted in groups of three, five or seven, just depending on the size of the border.

DFG rating: 7/10

RHS pruning: Once established shear the whole grass to about 3 inches off the bed at the beginning of Spring.

Leaves: Soft and light green..

Flowers: Hard to see.

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic soil is the ideal.

Hardiness: Totally once it is mature, they tend to have a short life before they look untidy, however they self seed very easily, if you carefully re plant the seedlings in Autumn to an acceptable location.

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