est. 2008 

Taxus baccata ‘Fukinagashi’ ~ cloud tree ~ 200cm by 100cm


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Size: 200cm x 200cm

A special cloud tree, or bonsai tree as English Yew, made up of a large amounts of clouds, this lovingly created specimen is amazing. Semi mature and one of this grower’s unique pieces. Such a hardy and strong growing tree also means you don’t have to worry about damage to the clouds. It also has the benefit of being slow growing, meaning clipping it is easy to keep this dramatic topiary product tidy. Good in full sun or part shade, well drained soil is essential, Yew hate having there roots sitting in water.

- DFG rating: 10/10.

- 200cm tall and 200cm wide.

- Pot: 230 litre

- Semi mature.

- Slow growing.

- Blooms are not interesting.

- Hardy to -15c.

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