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Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar) - in pots


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Thuja trees make very good screening for unwanted views or an superb hedge, and are the best choice for a conifer hedge. As they will grow back strongly if cut right back or if a section is damaged, in comparison to most conifers that will not grow back from old stems. They also keep to a tidier and more compact shape than Leylandii. One of the fastest growing hedging trees.

How many should you plant?  3 plants per meter, but if you you buy the 10 litre pot or larger, including bare root plants then plant just 2 per meter.

How fast do they grow?  Thuja plicata are fast growing, cut your hedge once a month through the summer, more regularly for topiary.

Hardiness?  Frost resistant hardy plants.

Soil type?  Lightly acidic, like most plants, when planting it is best to add some ericaceous purpose compost to help the hedge take.

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