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Tibouchina urvilleana


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 Tibouchina is one of the most wonderful shrubs, however it is not something that will survive through a cold British Winter. So when buying Tibouchina it does need to be planted in a pot, with the intention of putting it in a conservatory or heated greenhouse over the Winter. Tibuchina urvilleana is an evergreen shrub that in the wild will grow to 4m or more, however in your pot you can keep it to about a meter tall easily. The leaves are a great feature that have a blue green colour with elliptic and softly hairy leaves. But the show really begins when it starts to bloom with deep violet to purple flowers that are quite large, around 6-10cm wide. Tibouchia also requires more acidic soil than most, so be sure to fertilise it with ericaceous fertiliser. It can suffer from aphids, mealybugs and greenhouse whitefly. 

RHS pruning group: 9

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