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Trachelospermum jasminoides - pleached on frame


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Star Jasmine is a great favourite as an ornamental evergreen in our gardens already. Our Italian growers work their magic by pleaching this climbing plant across a 180 x 120cm metal frame. Once they thicken up they create a solid screen of evergreen magic, flowering with beautiful white flowers in Summer. They happen to be fragrant and even though they are not part of the Jasmine family, they are a fantastic addition to your garden.

- Freshly pleached this Spring.

- These specimens need the Summer to thicken out fully, but this won’t take long.

- We can offer the freshly pleached specimens more cheaply than the established specimens, that take some time to thicken out in the Italian nursery.

- The metal frames become permanent supports for your screening.

- Frame size of 180cm tall and 120cm wide.

- White flowers.

- 65 litre pots.

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