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Viburnum lucidum ~ 150 x 150cm frame ~ pleached tree


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Frame: 150x150cm frame ~ 200cm stem

These are available now!🌳

Limited production, an evergreen with beautiful white flowering shrub as a pleached tree. This batch have a very good coverage giving an instant screening solution that gives you your privacy immediately. It is very unusual to have this shrub trained into a pleached tree, but it works and it works very well indeed.


- DFG rating: 10/10

- 65 litre pots.

- 14-16-18cm girth clear stem 200cm.

- Bamboo cane frame 150cm wide and 150cm high.

- Leaves are evergreen and oval in shape.

- Flowers are white.

- Hardy to -15c


We offer and recommend our mature tree planting service. Planting, supporting and irrigating the trees properly is essential to them establishing. We travel all over England. Please call us to discuss and we will be delighted to give you a quotation.

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