est. 2008 

Wisteria sinensis ~ 1/2 standard ~ 150cm


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A large specimen Wisteria, the classic mauve fleeting Wisteria. Flowers well before the leaves come out , when it is planted you have an immediate effect, fantastic quality! Wisteria is a must have if you have space, a large climber, that flowers in May for one of the great blooms in horticulture! Wisteria sinensis is the most popular choice, with its mauve flowers that hang elegantly. Wisteria does need training on to a wall or a frame and pruned regularly to have a good shape!


DFG rating: 10/10

Pot size: 20 litre

Stem girth size: 8-10cm

RHS pruning group: 12

Soil Ph: Lightly Acidic.

Leaves: Green, but begin a lovely bronze green colour.

Flowers: Mauve. May. 

Hardiness: Very. But late frosts in April and May can damage the flower buds. 

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